Cornerstone Money Advice is a money advice and debt counselling service based near Castle Marina, Nottingham.

We are a Christian money advice centre run by Cornerstone Church

Our service aims to offer free, confidential support and advice to people in the community who are worried about loans, credit and debt.  

We want to help set people free from poverty and debt.

We want to support our local community in a practical way by helping people take control of their finances and break free from debt.

We also want to equip people so that they can become more confident about managing their money.

Because we are a charity we will always offer impartial advice to those who need our help. 

We work in association with Community Money Advice, a national charity, to provide our debt counselling service and we are also members of AdviceUK, one of the UK's largest support networks for free, independent advice centres. 

All of our debt advisers have completed the Community Money Advice debt advice training courses and receive ongoing training through, whose online debt advice training is accredited by the Money Advice Service Quality Framework for Individuals delivering debt advice. 

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.